Make It Swing

from Bodega Rock by Homeboy Steve



He didn't care for glory, he didn't pray for fame
He wasn't loud and showy, he didn't play that game
I t-t-t-t -t-t-t-t-tried to introduce myself, and when I stopped stammering
He said the only thing I want to know, can you make it swing

He sat on a folding stool on the esplanade
When the band played In the Mood, people would applaud
My hip improvisation was dazzling
But all he wanted me to do was to make it swing

Doo lacka Doo lacka Doo was his refrain
Like the choo choo of a smooth running train
Doo lacka Doo lacka Doo was his legacy
there was a swinging door and he bestowed the key on me

In a club uptown somewhere we played for drinks and tips
The maitre de wore a boutonniere and a snubnose on his hip
reefer smoke leaked from his horn his eyes were glistening
The boss looked the other way as long as we made it swing

I didn't know him long, just a year or two
But his words I still rely on in everything that I do
Life is such a simple song if when you’re listening
To the tune your heart sings then you can make it swing
keep listening to the tune your heart sings
Doo lacka Doo lacka then you can make it swing
Doo lacka Doo lacka then you can make it swing
Doo lacka Doo lacka then you can make it swing


from Bodega Rock, released December 8, 2016
Homeboy Steve-guitars, vocals
Skip Ward-bass
Bruce Martin-drums
Drina Seay-vocals
Jeff Schiller-saxophone


all rights reserved



Homeboy Steve New York, New York

Homeboy Steve, nee Stephen B Antonakos, has played with a succession of American roots bands spanning the last thirty years.
His most recent release is "Bodega Rock". He thinks that there's one or two good songs left that haven't already been written and he presents his attempts to write and perform them accompanied by his guitar and other friends.
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